Information and Tips

Take Goat With You Someplace Interesting

Goat is on an adventure.  She can make almost anything exciting and fun.  While Goat enjoys visits to grand destinations, not every place she has to go needs to be “big”.  She would be thrilled to see the Grand Canyon or visit the Eiffel Tower, but she’d also enjoy a stop at the world’s largest ball of twine, or even your local city park if you can’t make it that far.  She’s not picky.  Take her places that you enjoy, places that are special for you.

However, there are places that Goat wants to go and things she’d like to do.  If you can take her one of those places, she’d greatly appreciate it.  Here’s a list of places she wants to see.

Take Pictures Of Goat

Goat wants to let her friend Buffalo know how her journey is going, so she likes to send him frequent postcards.  She insists on being in every picture, so you’ll have to take the pictures for her.  Once you’ve found someplace interesting, simply pose her there and snap a picture.  (And don’t worry, Goat’s not expecting you to be Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz.  But if you are, that’s awesome.)  After you’ve taken a picture, upload it to this site!  When uploading, be sure to include where Goat is (The more specific you can be, the better!), as well as a little note about what she thought of the place or why you went there.

Landscape or horizontal pictures work better than portrait or vertical pictures.  The software on this site will crop out over half the picture if you send in a vertical shot.  Often, Goat herself will even be missing from the picture!

Buffalo would be especially excited if you are able to take a picture with a Polaroid, a Game Boy Camera, or a stereo 3D camera, because Buffalo is geeky like that.

Let Goat Travel With Someone Else

Eventually, sadly, it will be time to say goodbye to Goat, and let her seek further adventures with someone else.  There is no time limit for how long you spend with her, but keep in mind that she’s on an adventure and wants to see new and interesting things all the time!  If you aren’t able to take her to see new and interesting places, then it’s time for her to travel with someone else.  Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see where she goes by watching this site!

It’s best if you’re able to send Goat along with another traveler in person.  That way, you can explain what she’s up to and make sure that she’s in trustworthy hands.

If you have no choice but to leave her alone to find a new traveling companion, be sure to leave her in a safe, dry place where she’s likely to find a good friend.

You don’t have to take Goat back to where you first met her.  In fact, it’s best if you don’t!  Goat is on an adventure and enjoys seeing new places.

Keep in mind that Goat has places she’d like to go and things she’d like to do.  If you know someone who can help her get closer to one of those places, that would probably be a good person for her to travel with.  Every journey is a series of steps.

Notes About Goat

  • Goat is not a chew toy.  Please don’t let your dogs or other animals become too “friendly” with her.
  • Goat doesn’t always stand upright.  While mountain goats are typically surefooted and stable, whirlwind globetrotting can wear Goat out.  This can be a disaster if she falls on the wrong side of a railing or fence.  Please hold onto Goat when taking pictures in dangerous areas.
  • Goat is not a suspicious package.  While you may understand that Goat is on an adventure, other people haven’t met her yet, so they might be afraid of her.  Please do not leave Goat alone someplace where people might think she’s dangerous.
  • Goat is a Wishpets Mikos Mountain Goat Plush.  If you think Goat is cute, please buy one of your own, so that Goat can continue her journey.

And Finally…

Postcards From Goat is not a photography contest.  It’s a tribute to a close friend of mine who passed away.  There is no prize or reward except my deepest thanks for helping to keep her memory alive.