The Real Story Of Goat

I was on vacation, visiting the Glacier Park Lodge, when I snapped a picture of the mountain goat in the lobby and posted it to Facebook.  Almost immediately, a friend of mine asked me to bring her that goat.  Since bringing that particular goat home to her would be both highly illegal and very difficult to manage in a Prius loaded with camping gear, I did the next best thing.  Later that day, in the Many Glacier Hotel gift shop, I picked up a small plush mountain goat that I planned to give to her as a souvenir.  However, since I had just started on my vacation, I decided to make the little toy goat my travel companion, and take goofy pictures of it to share with my friend along the way.  Goat and I traveled across seven states together, picking up a menagerie of other plush critters, including a buffalo (from Yellowstone) that also featured prominently in the adventures.

When I arrived home, I had planned to meet my friend for lunch and give her the goat.  Unfortunately, we were never able to get together for the hand off.  My friend moved away, and opportunities to meet became even rarer.  During this time, I continued the Adventures of Goat.

Then, I got word that my friend had fallen ill and was in the hospital.  I went to visit, bringing the toy goat along, hoping that it would be able to comfort her in some way.  I had hoped that she would be able to continue the Adventures of Goat when she recovered.  Sadly, she did not make it.

I will miss her beyond words.

I built this site as a living tribute to my friend’s memory.  By sending Goat into the world, it is my hope that it will carry along some of my friend’s spirit and sense of humor to others.


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