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What is Postcards From Goat?

Postcards From Goat is a living memorial/social experiment.  Will people I don’t know take pictures of a toy mountain goat and send them into this site, then hand the goat to someone else and convince them to do the same, all in honor of the memory of someone they’ve never met?

Are you doing this for money?

I don’t make a dime off this site and I don’t want to.

What is a “Postcard”?

A “postcard” on this site is simply a picture of Goat in an interesting location or situation.  It’s not a physical postcard.  Buffalo is a creature of the digital age.

How many postcards can I send in?

There’s no limit on the number you can submit.  Buffalo would appreciate it if each of the postcards were different, though.

How long can I keep Goat?

That’s up to Goat.  She’ll be willing to stick with you as long as the adventure continues, but she’ll start to get bored if you’re not taking her anywhere or doing fun stuff with her.  If your journey has come to an end, it’s time to send Goat along with someone whose journey is just beginning.

What will you do with my picture if I send it in?

If Buffalo accepts your postcard, he’ll post it to this site.  He’ll also upload it to Facebook and Tumblr.  (Follow Goat’s adventures over there, too!)  In the future, he might decide to expand to other platforms.  If he does, he’ll mention them here.

Buffalo might edit the titles and captions that you send in.

Buffalo will never, ever sell your pictures.

I didn’t send in any postcards before Goat left, and now I don’t have the secret password!

Write to Buffalo or use the contact form below.  He can give you the password, although he may want to see some proof that you’ve been travelling with Goat before spilling the beans.

Goat’s collar fell off!

Can you repair it?  If so, please repair it before sending her along to the next traveler.  If you can’t repair it, let Buffalo know using the form below, and he’ll try to help.

I’m so sorry, but something bad happened to Goat!

Oh no!  How sad!  Let Buffalo know immediately, he might be able to help.

Do you have a contact address I can write to?

You can write directly to Buffalo at b u f f a l o @ p o s t c a r d s f r o m g o a t . c o m or you can use this contact form: