The Story of Goat

Goat was born and raised in Glacier National Park, on the rocky slopes above Swiftcurrent Lake.  Growing up, she heard endless tales about her great-grandfather, who was made famous after he posed for the logo of the Great Northern Railway.  “See America First!” may have been her family’s motto, but they seldom ventured beyond the familiar outcrops that they called home.  She longed for the exciting and adventurous kind of life that her great-grandfather had lived.

One particularly gray and gloomy day, Goat decided that it was time to discover what lie beyond the valley.  She became determined to explore the world outside, and to restore the adventurous spirit that had been lost over the generations.  She befriended a passing traveler, who agreed to take Goat with him on the rest of his vacation.

And so, her journey began…